Featured Bodybuilder: Narayan Gaura

Narayan Gaura

Narayan Gaura

Age: 19

Height: 5’10

Body Weight: 165

Measurements & Stats

Arms- 16

Chest- 40

Bench- 350



When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started?

Like many others in my ” early teens” I was living a bad life style. I was unmotivated, hanging around the round crowds and by the time I was 17 I ended up living in a car outside a library on the streets of California. Eventually I moved back to Chicago where I am originally from and realized my lifestyle had to change, and that I needed to start working on myself. One of my dreams, which I kept to myself, was being a bodybuilding champion and male model. At this time I was ” fat-skinny” meaning I had no muscle and just had fat. So I started doing my research on bodybuilding and modeling. I studied for hours and hours, going to the gym seven days a week. My social circle started to change. I began hanging around more successful and motivated people who brought me up as an individual. All the negative people who told me you cant do it, who were suppose to be my friends I got rid of! And in only six months I was onstage at the Muscle Mania holding up the 1st Place trophy for Teen Model. Two months after that I was scouted by an agent and had my first photo-shoot as a male model for an athletic clothing line in Chicago. I am still on there website today. Now at 19 years old I have competed in 4 competitions, worked with companies such as American Crew, H&M, The Onion, NBC, SHOWTIME, and the list goes on. Right now I’m 5 weeks out from the Muscle mania looking to get back my title! Follow me through my journey and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!


Describe your training program

As far as training goes I honestly go by feel, like a lot of pro bodybuilders such as Jay Cutler and Kai Greene. I don’t know what time I train due to work and school. So whatever I feel that day considering the fact that muscle hasn’t already been worked that week is a muscle I will train. I keep it simple.


Monday- National Chest Day

Tuesday- Back

Wednesday- Legs

Thursday- arms

Friday – Forearms and Calves

I usually keep the reps between 10- 15, depending on how I feel that day


Describe your diet and supplementation

As far as meals, I eat 6 meals a day, as I am getting ready for my competition. I cook everything in bulk early in the morning because I have school. My protein is slightly higher than my body weight making sure I maintain my muscle while cutting. Supplements I’m not big on, I’m currently taking Metrx BCAA’s and Glutamine just to maintain muscle.


Bodybuilding Achievements

– Teen Muscle mania Champion 1st

– Rahzillah Clothing Website and Spreadsheet

– American Crew Runway Show

– H & M Runway Show

– Chicago Fashion Week

– Latin Fashion Week

– 2nd In NPC Grand Prix, National Qualifier

-3rd in Indiana Natural Championships


What are your goals for the future?

My future goals are to inspire and educate people through my new YouTube channel and win my upcoming show in 5 weeks!

Words from Narayan:

Guys I really just want to say, no dream is too big. No matter where you are in your life right now you can make it and do whatever you want to do with your life. Right now you have talent and abilities that you haven’t even began to unlock yet! No matter how broke you are, no matter what your circumstances are believe in yourself and work on your dreams every single day. Guys we are only limited to one life and then by the time you know it, its all over… you can either sit on the side lines of life and watch things happen or you can jump right onto the field and take a chance on yourself and on your life. So keep at your dreams whatever it may be and help others achieve there dreams as well, never hate on others on there success, the more positive you are as a character the more you’ll be successful and live a happy life!


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