Featured Bodybuilder: Lachlan Campbell


Lachlan Campbell

Age: 20

Height: 177

Body Weight: 80.5


Off season 1RM

Bench: 140kg. Usually 100kg for reps

Dead lift: 240kg. Usually 160-180kg for reps

Squat: 220Kg. Usually 140-160kg for reps


When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started?

Originally I started weight training for knee rehabilitation in 2009. I had played soccer for my whole life and had some pretty serve knee injuries resulting in having to get into the gym and fix it. Once I started up my rehab in the gym I slowly started to train some other body parts at the end of completing my rehab program. From there my love for weights grew, I was fortunate to have reasonable genetics for putting on lean muscle quickly and as soon as I noticed results I was hooked. I have been training with the intention of being a natural bodybuilder now for 2 years and will continue in this fashion for a long time to come :).



Describe your training program

I like to train with intensity but also smart.

I like to split my quad and hammie sessions up so I can give 100% focus on both in separate trainings. I have also been going through a phase of splitting back width and thickness up. This changes from month to month, but I enjoy changing the stimulus of training once my body has started to adapt. I train in the 8-12 rep range quite a lot and include super sets and drops sets in my training often. I apply a lot of focus on the eccentric contraction of the rep as I believe that this is where a lot of muscle fibres are used for control and the more control the greater the result.

Example Quad session

5-minute bike warm up & dynamic stretching

  1. 3 sets. Leg extensions pre-exhaust (20+ reps)
  2. 4 sets. Squats (10-12 rep range)
  3. 4 sets. Single leg, leg press (15 reps)
  4. 3 sets. Walking dumbbell lunges super set with leg extensions to failure
  5. 4 sets. Standing smith machine calves (20+ reps)

Warm down on the bike and static stretch/foam roller.



Describe your diet and supplementation

I’m very fortunate to be backed by the team at Aussie-Supps. My offseason supp stack is:

– Scitec 100% whey (vanilla very berry) I have one scoop in my morning oats & 2 scoops post workout.

– DYE-OXIDE pre workout

– Aminolytes (pineapple) intra workout

– Concrete HCI creatine or Jetmass. Concret – pre training and jet mass post workout

– Ronnie Coleman xs Glutamine post workout and before bed

– Ronnie Coleman Resurrect before bed

I aim to eat 7-8 meals a day. Usually have 2 hours between meals. The calories change in offseason and competition preparation. Majority of my meals consist of about 180-200grams lean proteins (turkey breast, chicken breast, steak, fish etc.). I have never really counted my calories just listen to my coach and go off how I’m looking rather then counting calories.

What are your favorite supplements?

Scitec 100% whey, such a variation in flavors and it combines so well with oats, the two together are one of my favorite meals!


Bodybuilding Achievements

Teenage bodybuilding 2013:

– 2nd NSW lifestyle classic

– 3rd ACT INBA

Teenage bodybuilding 2014

– 1st ANB Newcastle classic


What are your goals for the future?

Goals for the future would be:

– To one day attain my pro card as a natural bodybuilder

– To get some good results for the rest of this comp season (2014)

– Just try to better my physique all round and do everything I can to improve from the last time I stood on stage.

– ENJOY the journey and always keep a balanced lifestyle




Words from Lachlan:

I would really like to thank my girlfriend Alyssa, she’s been by my side every step of my comp prep this year and there is no way I could have reached the stage without her support and motivation. My sponsors at Aussie-Supps Gungahlin & Gold’s Gym, these guys back me 100% and always go out of there way to make sure I’m on track and fuelled with the best supps. All my supportive friends and family, making these guys proud is the foundation of my drive when I’m training.

Always be willing to listen and learn in this sport. Knowledge is power. Always take time to enjoy the little things along the journey and remain consistent.

Routine is also very important, making sure there is a constant approach to your daily life (meals, training etc.).

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