Featured Bodybuilder: Steven MacDonald


Steven MacDonald

Age: 19

Height: 5.7

Body Weight: 62kg contest ready, 72+ offseason

Measurements & Stats

Arms – 14.5″

Chest – 43″

Waist – 28″

Legs – 22.5″

Forearms – 12.5″

Calves – 15″

Max bench – 115kg offseason

British record Bench press – 107.5kg @ 64.5kg Bw

Max deadlift – 195kg @ 63kg Bw



When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started?

I started off being the smallest kid in my year at school (5,2 and 40ish kg) so I began going to boxing training once a week so I wasn’t pushed around by the bigger kids. I was about 14 years old. This introduced me into any sort of training. I saw really quick changes in my physique; I developed a 6 pack and a pretty impressive set of arms from just punching the bag, pushups and a few sets of bicep curls. One of my friends at the time was into the gym so I decided to tag along with him one day to try and get bigger and stronger for boxing purposes. But I quickly realized that I enjoyed the gym and training a lot more than boxing itself. So I dropped it and started chasing the perfect physique. It was through searching YouTube for new exercise ideas that I saw guys prepping and competing in bodybuilding show and I thought that that would be cool to try. The first show I found online was the BNBF Scottish championships 2012. Luckily enough it was exactly 12weeks away and based on the knowledge I had acquired I knew it took roughly 12weeks to get in shape. The perfect show. Ended up taking 2nd place there, but that was enough to make me want to come back and experience the feeling of standing on the podium being applauded for the work that id done once again.



Describe your training program

My training program has stayed roughly the same my whole bodybuilding career, typical 4 day split.






Only taking an off day when needed. Always preformed the big 3 (squat, bench, deadlift) with a powerlifting approach. Go really heavy, working up to doubles and singles on these and take more of a higher reps style on the accessory movements.


Describe your diet and supplementation

In the past I have used such ‘fad’ diets as IIFYM, but I’ve found that nothing works as good as simple clean eating. In pre contest mode I use a high carb and lower protein approach to help stay fuller during the prep. Works a treat. Typically eating around 2300calories. In the off-season ill work up to consuming 5000+calories whilst still maintaining a full set of abs and oblique’s. Looking to surpass those numbers though in my up and coming off-season!

What are your favorite supplements?

I keep it simple.

A good whey protein isolate, creatine and pre-workout

Just whatever brand I can get my hands on.

I usually throw some BCAA’s in there too.



Bodybuilding Achievements

My greatest achievement was winning the DFAC world finals last year in Miami and becoming a world champion! Greatest feeling ever! Ill be defending my title again this year come November 1st.

I am proudly sponsored by Andrew Gordon butchery www.Freshfoodguru.co.uk

Contest History


BNBF Scottish championship 2012 – 2nd

BNBF Scottish championship 2013 – 2nd

BNBF British championship 2013 – 2nd

DFAC World Finals 2013 – 1st

Silver city classic 2013 – 1st

Silver city classic 2013 Best poser award

BNBF British championship 2014 – 1st



GBPF Scottish championships 2013- 1st

GBPF Scottish championships No.2 2013 – 1st

BDFPA Scottish championship – 1st

GBPF British bench-press record

GBPF Deadlift Scottish record


What are your goals for the future?

I’m planning on taking a year out from bodybuilding to have a long offseason, but that could change depending on how I feel. But I will defiantly smash some powerlifting competitions though!

Check me out on instagram: Stevemacdonald94

I also offer personalized training programs, diets and contest diets. Shoot me an email at stevenmacdonaldtraining@gmail.com for more information!