Featured Bodybuilder: Patrick Hailey


Patrick Hailey

Age: 19

Height: 5’9″

Body Weight: 176 Competition 207 Off-season

Measurements & Stats

Arms 18″

Bench 350

Dead lift 545

Squat 545

When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started?

I was always really into lifting throughout high school. After my senior year, I decided to go watch a friend compete in the Minnesota State Championships and it was then that I realized I wanted to compete as well. I slowly got more and more in to the sport but still not to sure on how to train or eat right. I started working with my trainer Brian Beauvais and he put me on the right path for success.


Describe your training program

In the off-season, I stay out the gym 2 days a week. I believe kids my age over train way to easily because they think they’re going to grow more when constantly working their muscles, but they really do need those off days to recover and let the body grow. My split is usually something like this:


Day 1: Shoulders and trisPatrick5

Day 2: Hamstrings

Day 3: Chest

Day 4: Off

Day 5: Back, Traps and Bis

Day 6: Quads

Day 7: Off


Day 1:

DB Press

2 warm up sets 15-20, 4 working sets 8-12

Side laterals 1 warm up set of 20, 3 working drop sets 10+10

Bent over flys 4 working sets 12-15

SA Front DB raises 4 working sets of 10

Dips 4 working sets of 20

Seated DB extensions 4 working sets of 12-15

Rope pull down 4 working sets of 12-15

SA rope kickbacks 4 working sets of 10-12


Describe your diet and supplementation

My trainer does my entire diet for me, so I just go off of what I’ve been told to eat. Here is an example of what my off-season diet looks like, with the addition of a couple cheat meals throughout the week.

Meal 1

2 scoops whey

1 c oatmeal (measured uncooked)

1 med banana

1 tbl udos oil or flax seed

5 gram BCAA

5 gram Glutamine

Meal 2

8 oz chicken

10 almonds

3/4 c white or brown rice (measured uncooked)

Meal 3

8 oz 93% beef

3/4 c brown rice (measured uncooked)


Meal 4

8 oz chicken

10 oz white potato

10 almonds

Meal 5

(move this meal around as needed so its about 1 1/2hr before you train)

2 scoops whey

1/2 c oatmeal (measured uncooked)

1 med banana

5 grams BCAA

5 grams glutamine


40 grams Glycoject

5 Quaker rice cakes

5 grams BCAA

5 grams Glutamine

1 scoop whey protein

Meal 7

6-egg white

2 whole eggs

4 oz 93% lean beef

6 oz white potato


What are your favorite supplements?

I love USP Labs jack3d, Gaspari Myofusion, but the biggest difference I have noticed would have been when I started adding Evogen Glycoject to my diet. Absolute favorite product!


Bodybuilding Achievements

I competed for the first time in the Minnesota State Championships on June 9th, 2012. I won the teen overall, as well as placing 5th in the middleweight men’s open category. I refocused myself and gave it everything I had for the next 6 weeks, and on July 21st, I won the middleweight class at Teen Nationals In Pittsburgh on July 21st


Contest HistoryPatrick2

2012 NPC Minnesota State Championships:

Minneapolis, MN June 9th

1st place Teenage Overall

5th place Open Men’s Middleweight

2012 NPC Teen Nationals

Pittsburgh, PA July 21st

1st place Middleweight class


What are your goals for the future?

I know that at 5’9″ I really need to put on a lot more size once I make the transition to open men’s. In reality, I will most likely be competing in 2014 at the same 2 contests that I competed in this year. From there, we will see where things go, but I would love nothing more than to earn my pro card some day down the road.