Featured Bodybuilder: Gary Phillips

Gary PhillipsThumb

Gary Phillips

Age: 19

Height: 5’11

Body Weight: 187lbs

Measurements & Stats

Arms flexed: 17in., Chest: 45in., Legs: 25in.,

Bench Press: 365lbs, Deadlift: 520lbs, Squat: 475lbs



When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started?

I started bodybuilding a couple years back and I have been involved with weightlifting through out middle school and high school. I’ve always had the addiction to be bigger and stronger than everyone else so it was bound to happen sooner or later, I just had to meet the right people. Once I started training in an actual gym it escalated from there and as I met more people involved in the sport my knowledge grew and I decided I wanted to try it out for myself.


Describe your training programGaryimage6

I train very intense with high volume including things such as drop sets, supersets, iso holds, giant sets, and just high reps in general. I keep my rest period between 60-90 seconds and I will sometimes struggle with the lightest weight towards the end of my workout and I will continue to squeeze the muscle as hard as I can.

Here is a leg workout I did a few days ago:

Leg workout

Lying hamstring curls: 4sets 10

Leg extensions: 4 sets 20(2sec hold on each rep)

Squats: 4 sets 12(last set 4dropsets)


Giant set (4sets total)

Leg press: 15reps

Stiff leg deadlifts: 10reps

Horizontal leg press: 20 reps

Hack squat: 7sets 12(30sec rest period)


Training Split:

Monday: back, hamstrings, calves

Tuesday: arms, calves

Wednesday: shoulders, calves

Thursday: thighs

Friday: chest, calves

Saturday: arms, calves

Sunday: off day


Describe your diet and supplementation

I like to keep my offseason fairly clean with a couple cheat meals a week preferably after leg days; I basically eat my diet food but just more of it.

My meal plan as of right now

Meal 1


1/2cup oats

1 tbs peanut butter

1 banana

Meal 2

11/2scoop Syntha 6

Tbs of peanut butter

1 cup Spinach

Meal 3

6oz chicken

2cup riceGaryimage7

1 cup spinach

Meal 4 (pre workout)

6oz chicken

1 cup rice

1 banana

1 cup spinach

Meal 5 (post workout)

6oz lean beef

2cup rice

1cup spinach

Meal 6

11/2 scoop protein or 5eggs


Protein: 200g

Carbs: 350g

Fats: 40-60g



Morning-multivitamin, fish oil, probiotics

Pre-workout: 1 scoop aminos, coffee

Intra-workout: 1 scoop aminos, scoop carb powder,

Post-workout: 2 scoop aminos, 1scoop carb powder

Bedtime: multivitamin, fish oil


Bodybuilding Achievements

I’ve competed in 2 bodybuilding shows.

The Dallas Europa Super show (2013) & Texas States (2014)

I am sponsored by powerhouse nutrition a local supplement store.


What are your goals for the future?

My goals are to eventually gain my procard just as any other bodybuilder dreams of and to open up my own business as a clinical dietitian. I am working on my degree at the moment so this goal will be achieved.

Anyone looking into this sport I’d advise you research and look into it more and if it’s truly something you want to partake in then go for it. It’s definitely made my life better and this lifestyle has changed the way I do things and think as a person.


Follow Gary on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Gary4051