Featured Bodybuilder: Eden Garza


Eden Garza

Age: 18

Height: 5’10”

Body Weight: 220

Measurements & Stats

Arms: 19.5in Legs: 30in Waist 30in

I’ve pause pressed on bench 405, I squat 605 and dead lift 525


When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started?

When I was younger I used to always get bullied for being over weight, so I started running with my dad, who was a marathon runner at the time. I dropped a decent amount of weight but I hated running for such a long distance. I always wanted to lift weights in the garage but I was too young. Finally one day my dad let me go workout in there and ever since then I’ve been hooked to weight training. I started bodybuilding my freshman year in high school because I have always wanted to be big like Arnold. I would always watch the old predator movie with Arnold in it and would always tell my grandpa, “I want to look like that some day!”


Describe your training program

Monday: quads & calves

Tuesday: chest & tris

Wednesday: back & bis

Thursday: rest

Friday: hamstring & calves

Saturday: shoulders & tris

Sunday: rest


Sample Chest & Triceps Workout:

Incline press-5×8 (don’t fully extend your elbows keep the tension) (work on a good grip keeping tension through out the upper chest) come down slow and explode up) (rest 45-60 sec rest)

DB press-4×12 (retract all the way back flexing the upper back flat on the bench and abs tight, press squeezing the chest through the full rep)

Dumbbell incline fly-4×10-12 (45 sec rest)

Dumbbell close hammer press (mid chest)-4×8

(Slow down and explode through squeeze) 45rest

Fly machine super triple drop set-3 drop sets x 10

Close grip push ups-3xfailure


Skull crushers-4×10-12

Triceps pulldowns-4×10-12

Tricep extensions-4×10-12

French press-4×10-12


All 30-45 sec rest

Failure last sets


Describe your diet and supplementation

I’m currently in college so I try to consume at least 5 good meals a day. I’m sticking to 220g of carbs a day but I re feed when I need it, protein is at 330g a day. I take any kind of whey isolate protein I can get my hands on.

What are your favorite supplements?

My favorite pre workout has to be C4 by Cellucor, protein is Gold Standard Whey by ON, amino acid is Performance Beta BCAA by Cellucor and my favorite vitamin is of course Animal Pak.


Bodybuilding Achievements

2011 NPC Rock Extravaganza: Teen first place

2013 NPC Phil Heath Classic: Teen fifth place

2013 NPC Branch Warren Classic: Teen second place and novice middleweight third place.

2014 NPC Branch Warren Classic: Fourth place teens and fourth place novice heavyweights.


What are your goals for the future?

One of my main goals is to be an IFBB Pro bodybuilder; once I achieve that goal I’ll set higher goals.

Always follow your dreams and never give up no matter what’s happening and how far the goal might be. If you really want something, go get it. ALWAYS stay humble and ALWAYS let your actions speak for you rather than your words. Thank you serious teen bodybuilding for giving me this opportunity.