Featured Bodybuilder: Dominic Triveline


Dominic Triveline

Age: 18

Height: 5’5

Body Weight: Current: 200

Measurements & Stats

Arms: 19inch legs: 27inch

Bench: 315 x 10, Squat 405 x 15


When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started?

Started bodybuilding at 15 I was working out in my basement and following a training program in a book from school in 6 months of lifting I put on 40 pounds so I kept lifting and eventually did my first show at 17 winning the teen Michigan state championship and in men’s novice as well. Just recently did my second show at teen nationals where I placed second loosing by one position. At 18 years old.

Describe your training program

My training has always been lots of volume high volume getting as much blood in the muscle as I can. I almost always use free weights I’m not a huge fan of machines free weights build the most muscle mass!!!


Describe your diet and supplementation

In the off-season I eat just over 5400 calories sources of protein being chicken red meat eggs and shakes carb sources being rice and doughnuts lol. Pre contest I eat every 2 hours 7 meals a day high protein fish chicken red meat eggs everyday carb sources being sweet potatoes and oatmeal diet on about 4000 calories and slowly work my way down to about 3000. Supplements I use are pre workout stim, bcaa during workout, whey isolate post workout and casein before bed

Bodybuilding Achievements

Won state championship first show at 17

Competed in first national show and got 2nd and it was only my second show

2 videos filmed by muscular development Jeff Sygo

Contest History

Michigan bodybuilding state championship 2014

Teen: 1st

Men’s novice: 1st

2015 NPC teen nationals

Teen middleweight: 2nd


What are your goals for the future?

My goals are to compete as a pro and at the highest level of bodybuilding and be successful not only in bodybuilding but also in life in the career I pursue

Words from Dominic:

Thank you to my coach Carl Jackson, huge thanks to Jen Leone my biggest supporter, all of team juggernaut their my family and all of the positive feed back from friends and family as well.

I will be providing coaching and training services once my website launches in august 2015.

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