Featured Bodybuilder: Erik Rodriguez


Erik Rodriguez

Age: 19

Height: 5’8

Body Weight: 171

Measurements & Stats

Arms 18″

Deadlift: 320 for reps

Squat: 360 for 10 reps


When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started?

Growing up with a big brother who was always into the fitness lifestyle always motivated me as a kid, being overweight the majority of my child hood I had to make choices to become my best self. When I turned 16 I joined the gym for the first time, going in there I didn’t have a clue about what to do. All I saw was these big guys lifting heavy weights making funny facial expressions. It was very frustrating after a couple of months; I went 6 days a week to the gym yet I wasn’t portraying the physique that I desired. After a late night gym session one day I went home to research different training methods and how to approach dieting and why was nutrition the biggest component to a complete transformation. After days, months of reading I gained a certain amount of knowledge that I started incorporating in my training and nutrition. So the work starts by age 17 I started attaining the so-called “ripped” look. However that wasn’t enough for me I wanted more!!!! So my body kept changing and changing as months passed by, it got to a point when I turned 18 that I questioned myself “hey how about stepping up on stage” as I saw videos and pictures of James “Flex” Lewis, I said to myself that’s how I want to look like in a couple of years. By the age of 19 he looked like a monster! As I started to tighten up my body to attain a physique of single digit body fat I got to what you call “The stage look” I remember this because I went to visit my big brother down in Virginia and when he looked at me he said “Whooaaaaa brother your ready to compete” I just smiled and shook my head saying are you INSANE! I will never place at a show. Him with his wise words replied, “Trust me brother lets do it” I quickly changed the conversation however he was being really serious. We go on and enjoy the weekend, and on my way back to New York he sends me an email and tells me sign up today! I gave it some time until I made up my mind and finally decided lets do it. Little did I know I came to win that show my first bodybuilding contest ever weighing in 152lbs in the lightweight division. I won my 2 classes teen and novice then last but not least the OVERALL. After that day bodybuilding has been my passion so I went into an off season for about a year and decided to then compete in the 2014 Brooklyn Grand Prix, here I stepped on stage as a middle weight at 171lbs so that a total of 19lbs of muscle gained in one year. In result I won my 3 classes this time teen, novice, and the open class. It was an amazing experience and I try to better myself every year for the following year.


Describe your training program

Weekly training varies from day to day it depends on how I feel and what I want to do. The majority of the time my body split trainings will go along the line of

Mon: Chest and Back

Tues: Arms

Weds: Shoulders, Calves and Abs

Thurs: Off

Friday: Quads

Sat: Off

Sun: Hamstrings and Glutes


Describe your diet and supplementation

Calories I don’t count much, what I pay close attention is to my macro nutrient split. Protein, carbs, and fats. Whether on prep or off-season I keep my protein intake high because it is you key component to muscle growth. Carbohydrates I never shy away from I just cycle them during prep depending on how I am looking, now fats I keep at a minimum most of my fats come naturally from the foods that I consume, also MCT oil just to act as a quick carbohydrate source while dieting for energy.


What are your favorite supplements?

Favorite supplements would be Whey protein, L- Carnitine, Tonalin Cla, Vitargo, Creatine HCL


Contest History

OCB Massachusetts Championship: 1st place Teen class (Lightweight)

INBF Hercules Championship: 1st place and Overall Teen, Novice class (Lightweight)

NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix: 1st place Teen, Novice, Open Class (Middleweight)


What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to become a registered dietitian, while being an IFBB pro.

For all nutritional plans and contest prep diet email: Brodriguez3244@gmail.com

Follow Erik on Instagram: http://instagram.com/flex_troy
Facebook: Erik Rodriguez