Featured Bodybuilder: Anthony Benevento


Anthony Benevento

Age: 17

Height: 5’8

Body Weight: 200lbs

Measurements & Stats

Arms flexed 17.5in

Chest 44in

Legs 25in

Waist 30in

Calves 16.5in

Bench press 315 max

Deadlift 400 max

Squat 315 max



When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started?

I started when I was 14, at that time I didn’t know what a diet was but knew eating repaired muscles so that’s what I did. What motivated me to get into bodybuilding, my friend Stefan had big arms at the time and that’s what I wanted. Everything got Serious a year ago.


Describe your training programAnthonyBenevento5

I do a 3-day on 1 day off.

Monday- Legs

Tuesday- Back

Wednesday- Chest

Thursday- Off

Friday- shoulders


Sunday- Legs



Example: Shoulders-

Military press 3×10

Lateral Raise 3×15

Front barbell Raise 2×8

Reverse pec deck 3×15

Bent over flys 3×12

Dumbbell shrugs 3×20

All till failure


Describe your diet and supplementation

My day usually consists of eating Nutritious calorie dense food, I don’t eat food like pizza while bulking ect. It makes you bloated, and kills your appetite, at least mine so I stick to Salmon, Chicken, and Ground beef along with eggs as my main protein source. My energy source, carbohydrate wise, consists of whole-wheat pasta, white potatoes, white rice, and quinoa and bagels. My fat sources consist of peanut butter and olive oil. I consume just around 4,500 calories a day and have no problem putting that much food down with school in the way.

6am: 2eggs 1-cup egg whites 1cup oatmeal 2cups of fat free milk

8:30 bagel with 6 tbs of peanut butter

11am: 12oz ground beef, white potato with sour cream

2:05pm 4oz pasta with sauce, 8oz ground beef

3:00pm Post workout- 4 8oz glasses of skim milk

4:00pm 12oz ground beef, white potato with sour cream

7pm 6oz salmon 1-1.5cups of white rice

Before bed- 1 cup fat free small curd cottage cheese with pineapple


NOW Multivitamin in morning

BlackStone Labs Growth before bed

Bodybuilding.com Micronized Creatine pre workout


What are your favorite supplements?

BlackStone Labs GROWTH

Bodybuilding.com Micronized Creatine



Bodybuilding Achievements


Won the NPC Elite Physique Teen division and Novice Heavy weight at 174lbs and came second in the Men’s Novice Overall. It was Nice because Gary Udit wanted to see how I would place in the Novice Heavy weights and Men’s Novice Overall to see how I would compare and it was nice winning a class I didn’t sign up for and coming second against many men older then me. As far as sponsors go, I had someone reach out to me and explained they were looking for a teen like me and I will be signing on with them in a week or 2.


Contest History



2014 NPC Elite Physique Men’s Teen (1st)

2014 NPC Elite Physique Men’s Novice Heavyweight (1st)

2014 NPC Elite Physique Men’s Novice Overall (2nd)

Competition took place in Greens burgh Pennsylvania at the Ramada Hotel.



What are your goals for the future?


Win my class at the 2015 Teen nationals, and someday become an IFBB PRO, compete with the greats. Along with representing a supportive sponsor and give back to them.


Thank you guys for taking a look at my profile, the 2 biggest things for success in whatever your after is ethics and confidence. Go through the hard work and know you will someday have what your after and yes you will finally obtain it with enough work.