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Featured Bodybuilder: Anthony Benevento


Anthony Benevento Age: 17 Height: 5’8 Body Weight: 200lbs Measurements & Stats Arms flexed 17.5in Chest 44in Legs 25in Waist 30in Calves 16.5in Bench press 315 max Deadlift 400 max Squat 315 max   When did you start Bodybuilding & how did you get started? I started when I was 14, at that time I…

Featured Bodybuilder: Steven MacDonald


Steven MacDonald Age: 19 Height: 5.7 Body Weight: 62kg contest ready, 72+ offseason Measurements & Stats Arms – 14.5″ Chest – 43″ Waist – 28″ Legs – 22.5″ Forearms – 12.5″ Calves – 15″ Max bench – 115kg offseason British record Bench press – 107.5kg @ 64.5kg Bw Max deadlift – 195kg @ 63kg Bw…

Featured Bodybuilder: Tyler Cooke


Tyler ‘Cookezilla’ Cooke Age: 18 Height: 5.9 Body Weight: 77kg (On stage) 91kg (off season) Measurements & Stats Arms off-season 2013 (17 1/2) Waist is 28.5 inches on stage (A lot of people ask that one) Have done 100kg flat bench for 8 180kg squat for 2 When did you start Bodybuilding & how did…

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